Developing a mutually satisfying sexual relationship

When a couple comes into therapy and they tell me, "We want to make our physical, intimate relationship better.  What can we do?  We wonder, Are we like other couples?  What is normal?" I would first ask the couple, "What is your vision for the sexual aspect of your relationship?  In our ideal world, what would you like for this part of your relationship look like?"  The sexual aspect of a couples's relationship needs to be addressed in order to establish expectations and satisfaction, just like any other aspect of your relationship.  How do the two of you make decisions about your finances, how you parent your children, where you are going to live, etc?  You will want to use these same skills to make the sexual facet of your relationship everything you desire it to be. To begin a dialogue with your partner, start with the following exercise:  Each person sits down and writes out their vision for their sexual relationship.  Describe your ultimate sexual relationship in as much detail as possible and be specific regarding sexual activities including frequency. While doing this exercise think about your sexual fantasies.  How do you want them to be incorporated in this relationship?  After putting all of your thoughts to paper, sit down across from on another. Approach your partner in this exercise with curiosity and interest.  As one person shares their thoughts and desires, the other will listen and reflect back to their partner what they have heard.   As you listen to each portion from your partner, reflect back and state, "What I hear you saying is...." without adding any reaction or interpretation to what you have heard.  After you have listened to your partner and reflected him/her completely and accurately, the two of you will switch so that both vision statements are shared completely.  Then begin to discuss which aspects of the vision are shared and begin to develop a vision statement that the two of you can mutually agree upon. The next step is Continue Reading

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